Pickleball Fall League

The Lebanon Pickleball Spring League will start the week of August 23rd and will run 6-8 weeks, depending on number of teams.  Four divisions will be offered; Singles, Men's Doubles, Women's Doubles, and Mixed Doubles (Co-Ed).  Each division must have at least 4 teams in order to be played.  Registration CLOSES August 20th.

*Registrant will be considered the "Team Manager" and will receive all email communication. Fee is $30/TEAM.

Once you have registered, a schedule will be sent out via email for your weekly matches.  Phone numbers will be given so teams can schedule their time of play.  Singles will play on Tuesdays and Doubles will play on Wednesdays.  Please leave the results of your match in the dropbox by the courts (scoring forms will be emailed and extras left by the courts as well).


League Rules:

- If a team cannot make their match, they MUST contact the other team at least 24 hours prior to their match time. Both parties MUST agree to reschedule the match that is to be played (match must be rescheduled within the league time frame) If there is no contact at least 24 hours prior to match time, the team that could not play/did not show up, must forfeit. 

          a. The 24 hour rule can be waived for a medical or family emergency 

- NO Subs are allowed. You may bring a sub in order to play a match, but the team with the sub would automatically forfeit the match. 

3 games per match

Regular Scoring

Play to 11, win by 2