Pickleball Spring League

The Lebanon Pickleball Spring League will be held from March 28th - May 2nd.  Three divisions will be offered; Men's Doubles, Women's Doubles, and Mixed Doubles (Co-Ed). Registration opens February 1st.

*Registrant will be considered the "Team Manager" and will receive all email communication. Fee is $30/TEAM.

First week of matches begins MARCH 28TH.

Once you have registered, a schedule will be sent out via email for your weekly matches. There will be 2 matches per week. Please leave the results of your match in the dropbox by the courts (scoring forms will be emailed and extras left by the courts as well).


League Rules:

3 games per match

2 matches per week (schedule will be sent out ahead of time & you will have a full week to play both games).

Regular Scoring

Play to 11, win by 2