Swim Lessons

Our swim lessons run for two weeks in June and July, with a morning and evening option. Led by our certified lifeguards, your child will receive age and skill-appropriate instruction in a small group setting.

2023 Swim Lessons Flyer

3 to 5 Age Group

This is our beginner group for those who have never been in swim lessons before. In our beginner class, our main focus is to get your child comfortable around water and introduce them to the basics. You can expect your child to work on getting their face wet, learning the basics of kicking and arm strokes, and floating on their back.

5 to 7 Age Group

Our middle age group will focus on breathing techniques while under water, practicing with kickboards, floating on their back and stomach, and introducing different strokes.

7 to 10 Age Group

While being in the oldest age group, your child will focus on treading water, butterfly kicks, breaststroke and freestyle. Your child will be expected to go under water and be prepared to work on new skills.


For more information, or to register for swim lessons, visit our registration page.


Please be sure your child is potty-trained in order to attend swim lessons.