Weather Policies

Seashore Waterpark Weather Polices:

Seashore Waterpark will do it’s best to remain open for all posted hours and scheduled pool parties; however, there are times when we will need to close the waterpark for both the safety of our patrons as well as the health and well-being of our staff. Our policy for inclement weather is as follows:

• In the event of thunder or lightning, the pool deck must be cleared of all patrons for 30 minutes. This is a running clock that is restarted each time an additional thunder or lightning strike occurs. When this happens, the re-open time will be posted and updated at the admissions window. If these delays exceed a total wait time of 120 minutes, Seashore Waterpark reserves the right to close for the remainder of the business day.

• If weather delays occur past 3:00 p.m., Seashore Waterpark reserves the right to close for the remainder of the business day.

• Seashore Waterpark may remain open while raining, as long as the bottom of the pool is still visible. If heavy rain inhibits visibility, swimmers will need to be cleared from the water.

• We reserve to close Seashore Waterpark if water temperature drops below 70 degrees or the air temperature is not forecasted to exceed 70 degrees for the day.

• No rainchecks or refunds will be given for a weather-related closure.

• In the event of a weather-related closure, signage will be posted at the admissions window, a notice will be posted on Facebook, and the banner on the front page of will reflect this closing information.

• Should tornado sirens sound or a tornado is imminent while Seashore Waterpark is still open, the pools and deck will be cleared, and patrons will be directed to take shelter in the bathhouses on site until it is safe.